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    Foshan Haihua Surface Treatment Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is constantly seeking for more industry demand. With strong R&D strength, advanced production technology, modern synthetic equipment and rich after-sales service experience, it has developed to be the benchmarking enterprise in aluminum treatment industry. 
    Haihua people’s sincere pay let Haihua win many high-end aluminum enterprise’s favor and cooperaion: Guangdong Fenglv Aluminum Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Xinhe Aluminum Co., Guangdong Yaoyinshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Co.,Ltd.,Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Yonglijian Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Co.,Ltd.,Haomen Aluminum Co.,Ltd., Totem Aluminum Co., Ltd., Sichuan Mingdi Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. , Fujian Gumei  Aluminum Co., Ltd. etc.. In recent year, with the rise of Chinese aluminum industry, Haihua people are actively exploring the international market. Our products are now exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey and other countries.
      Nowadays, the aluminum industry in China is faced with huge pressures of environment protection; we also never loosen the research and development work. Haihua people aim at the direction of “coexisting with environment protection”, and set up the goal as “leading surface technology”, we are constantly researching and developing treatment additives with high quality and high added value so as to serve the clean production better.
Haihua people always make perfection more perfect in each link of R&D, production, transportation and sales. The perfect management system provides the solid platform for Haihua to produce high-quality goods and efficient training system lets Haihua be a good company to develop elite. Haihua adheres to customer’s value, integrity, cooperation and innovation which win the partners’ respects. “Sincerity, professional and pragmatics “ are our management idea.
    In future, we will continue to make solid work and innovation on the professional way, adhering to the Haihua spirit of rigor, enterprising, pragmatics, and struggling to cater for every kind of demands and grows to be the surface treatment leader of high-end aluminum alloy.


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