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LW-16 Brightening and Cleaning Additive (Liquid)
   LW-16, as a kind of low temperature brightener, is a kind of colorless to yellowish transparent acid liquid with powerful degreasing surface active agent, emulsifier and functional agent. This product can efficiently remove grease and natural oxidation film on aluminum profiles surface and results no harm to aluminum profiles. LW-16 is used for pre-treatment of aluminum profiles powder coating and anodization. It has advantages of low cost, little aluminum consumption, brightening and energy-saving comparing to alkaline etching treatment.
Bath Make-up:
Name Quantity Unit
LW-16 25-30 g/L
Water Balance
Operating Conditions:
Name Quantity UnitUnit
LW-16 30-100 g/L
Temperature Room Temperature
Time Depends on the aluminum profile surface conditions
Solution Maintenance:
1、Analyze the concentration of LW-16 and replenish the additive in time.
2、Some insoluble substances like mechanical sundries and dust are unavoidable during production, so the solution should be cleaned regularly.
Packaging and Storage:
Package: Plastic barrel (25kg/barrel)
Storage: Suggested to store in cool, dry and well ventilated place; away from fire and heat source.

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