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LW-07 Electrolytic Coloring Additive (Golden Yellow Color) (Liquid)
LW-07 is a blue liquid. The additive can make the aluminum profile to acquire a golden yellow color with good lightfastness and weatherability.
Bath Make-up:
Name Quantity Unit
Sulfuric Acid Reagent 15-20 g/L
LW-07 35-45 g/L
Selenium Dioxide 8-10 g/L
Deionized Water Balance
Operating Conditions:
Name Quantity Unit
Alternating Voltage 15-20 V
Temperature 20-25
Time Depends on the depth of color
Solution Maintenance:
1、Analyze the solution concentration of free sulfuric acid, selenium dioxide and LW-07. Replenish in time. Control the concentration in required range.
2、Cover up the solution bath to avoid pollution when it stops production.
3、For a normal consumption, the addition scale of selenium dioxide and LW-07 should be 1:5.
Packaging and Storage:
Package: Plastic barrel (25kg/barrel)
Storage: Suggested to store in cool, dry and well ventilated place; away from fire and heat source.

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