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LW-04 Electrolytic Coloring Additive (Golden Yellow Color) (Solid)

    LW-04 is a dark red solid powder which can get stable golden color with good lightfastness and weatherability for aluminum profiles.

Bath Make-up:
Name Quantity Unit
LW-04 5 g/L

Sulphuric Acid Reagent

18 g/L
Deionized Water Balance
Operating Conditions:
Name Quantity Unit
Alternating Voltage 8-12 V
Temperature 20-25
Time Depends on the depth of color
Solution Maintenance:
1、Analyze the concentration of potassium permanganate and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) everyday, replenish in time.
2、Add LW-04 and potassium permanganate with the scale of 1:1.
3、A small amount of precipitations during production will not influence using the coloring bath. And the precipitations should be cleaned regularly.
Packaging and Storage:
Package: Carton (30kg/ carton), plastic woven bag (25kg/bag)
Storage: Suggested to store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place; away from fire and heat source.

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